Previously, news surfaced saying Chris Brown allegedly raped a woman in a hotel dressing room in Paris. Now, the alleged victim has come out explaining in detail how “brutal” the incident was.

The victim—whose name was changed to Karima, spoke to Closer Magazine and laid out what happened. The 24-year-old model said Brown and his entourage wanted to return to the hotel they were staying at, so she rolled with them despite being tired. Once she got inside Brown’s room, she said the singer allegedly followed into the bathroom and grabbed her by the right arm. She said “He makes me enter a sort of dressing room. He closed the door ... it lasted 25-30 minutes." She also described the alleged rape as “brutal and violent,” and said she was abused by a bodyguard and friend of the singer as well.

Another source connected to the singer spoke to TMZ and said Chris Brown was never alone with the victim at any point. Along with that, Brown’s girlfriend Ammika Harris was in the room the entire time as well.

source: TMZ