Back in February of 2018, it was alleged that Famous Dex had his chain stolen during NBA All-Star weekend, which was then reportedly passed around by supposed goons who demanded $15 thousand for its return.

Though the Chicago artist reportedly moved on from the issue by saying he could buy "like millions of them b******," his recent feud with Soulja Boy has brought the story back into the headlines, as Big Soulja appears to be selling t-shirts to troll Dex over the embarrassing moment. 

On the design, Big Soulja and Famous Dex are drawn as cartoon characters, with Big Draco towering over the much smaller Dex. Elsewhere, Soulja is wearing his symbolic Gucci headband while holding the infamous "Dexter" chain," with text that reads "Go Get Your Chain Back!!!"

At the moment it's unclear where you can buy the t-shirts or how much he's selling them for, while one of the other designs he posted on IG depicts Big Soulja saying "Drake?!"

Source: Instagram