Update 01/22/2019:

The x-rated drawing that the multitalented Tupac Shakur made for his girlfriend while in prison back in 1995 was recently auctioned off for $21,155.75. TMZ reports a wealthy man in his 60s put in the final bid to secure the drawing of Pac with then-girlfriend Desiree Smith. The art piece also included a hand decorated envelope along with a love letter addressed to Smith. 

Original 12/24/2018:

Artwork that 2Pac made behind bars for his then-girlfriend Desiree Smith is up for auction starting today (December 24). Steiner Auctions is behind the sale of the rare drawing, which shows 2Pac having sex with Smith with the message, 'Missing You Deeply" scrolled across the top. 

The late rapper made the drawing for Smith while locked up at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY in 1995. You can check out the artwork in full above. 

Source: TMZ