Gucci Mane's baby mama Sheena Evans is demanding the rapper increase his child support payments from the current $2,026/month to $20,000/month. Evans argues it's unfair that she has to rely on government programs such as welfare and Section 8 housing options in order to survive. Evans's attorney spoke during a recent court hearing, stating: "Here we have a minor child whose father is a multi-millionaire—mom lives in Section 8 housing, [...] Mom is on government assistance. There is food stamps that have to be utilized. The child is on Medicaid."

Gucci's current payment amount was established when the rapper's earnings weren't where they are today. Evans says his income has more than doubled since the 2011 child support court decision was made. Gucci has continuously denied that he makes significantly more money than he did in 2011 and asked the court to dismiss the case.