It seems as if cooler heads have not prevailed between Dame Dash and Funkmaster Flex, as now it appears that their feud has escalated to a point of no return. In another sit down with Kenyatta Griggs, Dame made it clear that the Hot 97 DJ had crossed the line for bringing up his family, calling anyone a "desperate coward who would go that far."

During their conversation, Dame was accompanied by his daughter, Ava, who he described as a beautiful, pure soul who should not be collateral damage. 

"There's certain lines you just don't cross," Dame said calmly, "You know the one thing that will get a man out of pocket is when you mess with his children," later adding that "I would tread lightly when you start to deal with the things that people love the most for no reason, I don't think anything is worth trying to make that kind of point."

The latest developments revolve around a comment Flex made about Dame's controversial interview with Nick Cannon, which led Flex to call Dame a "disgrace to his era," in addition to referencing Dame's ex-wife, Rachel Roy, as his "intern/wife who took all his s***."

For that infraction, Dame let it be known once again that in his eyes Flex is a "career coon" who should be "benched" by Hot 97 before it starts to cost them, in his own words writing "I'm not dealing with a slave I’m gonna deal with your master @hot97 and Jeff Smulyan your slave has gone too far on your behalf and it’s gonna cost you I suggest y’all holla at me before I holla at y’all it will be cheaper ...but I suggest you bench your slave before he cost y’all more trust me #staytuned #keepplaying," before adding that "killing my culture as a business model has to stop."