Despite a report from Variety that suggested that Travis Scott consulted Colin Kaepernick before agreeing to perform at the Super Bowl LIII half time show, Kaepernick and his team have spoken out to say that's a misinterpretation of their conversation. 

In the initial report, the general idea was that Scott and Kaepernick had a phone conversation, and though they didn't see eye to eye, they did finish the call with mutual respect and understanding. The Variety article further implied that Kaepernick was inevitably okay with Scott doing the performance, due to his agreement along with the NFL to donate $500 thousand to a social justice organization.

That same day, however, members of Kaepernick's circle were publicly denying any truth to the article, as Ebro of Hot 97 tweeted "Kap did not approve this b***s***! Get the f*** outta here..." above the Variety article in question. From there, Kaepernick himself retweeted Ebro's sentiment, with Kaepernick's girlfriend, Nessa, weighing in to say "FACTS @EBRO!!! THEY NEED TO STOP LYING."

Earlier this morning, Nessa reiterated their position by adding "There is NO mutual respect and there is NO understanding for anyone working against @Kaepernick7 PERIOD. #stoplying." 

Source: TMZ