Back in November, Charlotte rapper DaBaby was reportedly involved in a fatal shooting inside a Walmart after a man allegedly tried to rob him for his jewelry, while now months later, footage has been released that appears to show the "Walker Texas Ranger" rapper involved in a night club brawl during a performance. 

In the footage, it's unclear what sparks the initial altercation, but DaBaby can be seen in a white shirt rapping into the microphone towards the aggressor in the crowd, before throwing an overhand right with the microphone still in hand. After connecting with the punch that sent the unidentified man flying backward, DaBaby went back to the stage before the footage cuts off.

After the show, DaBaby went to IG to say "Y’all had fun tonight? 🔥 #BLANKBLANKTOUR🌍#BDBENT #SCMG LA WE’ll SEE YA TOMORROW ✈️ "

Now a day later, DaBaby even posted the footage of the brawl itself on his IG, with a caption that reads "BDBENT NOW HIRING SECURITY😔. Sorry won’t let it happen again.🤞🏾 #HadToEndTheAllegations  Let’s get back to bidness. Billion Dollar Baby BIDNESS"

Source: Instagram