29-year-old Naythen Aubain of Utica, NY made a chilling admission in court on Tuesday after confessing to killing and chopping up his grandmother and their landlord. Aubain said, “I did do it. I did chop her up. I didn’t only chop her up, I chopped my landlord up, too,” adding  “I killed her, chopped her up in the name of the Lord. She wanted to do nasty things, and I had enough.” 

Aubain claims that one of the women tried touching him sexually which he said he was fed up with. After being tipped off by Aubain during an earlier incident, authorities arrived at the home where Aubain lived with his grandmother in the second-floor apartment, right above their landlord. Upon arrival, police found a grisly murder scene. The District Attorney Scott McNamara told reporters, “Police found body parts of Wentka inside her apartment, and her torso and head were found along Albany Street." 

Aubain has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. The public defender handling his case is seeking a mental evaluation. 

Source: ajc.com