Tis the season for showing appreciation to those you care about the most, as demonstrated here by a group of high-school students who gifted their teacher a present he'll never forget. 

David Blakey is a physical education teacher at Etobicoke School of the Arts in Canada, whose legacy as a teacher involves an original pair of Air Jordan XIII's. The legend goes that Blakey wore the sneakers so much on the job that their soles wore out, attributed by how he let his students wear the Jordans at their request.

"Twenty years ago I bought my only pair of Jordan's and I started my teaching career with those Jordan shoes," Blakey said in a recent interview, "It gave me a little bit of celebrity status as a new teacher with the J's on. It made me legit."

Apparently, that reputation has stayed with him throughout the years, as his new 10th grade students have surprised him with a brand new pair of red and black Jordan XIII's. 

"I wanted to give back to Mr. Blakey because he does so much for us, 15-year-old Aidan Thomson said, "so after seeing videos online of so many other kids doing random acts of kindness for classmates and custodians in the [United] States, I figured we could do the same for Mr. Blakey." 

Thomson went on to say, "He's like a best friend to all of us. He plays basketball with us at lunchtime, helps us with our essays and other schoolwork, he even gives us space to work in the gym and honestly, he's just a really nice guy."

To reciprocate that kindness, 25 students contributed to the cause that Blakey proclaims has been "one of the highlights of his career."

Source: instagram.com