A new storyline has been added to the infamous tale of the 1994 shooting and robbery of Tupac Shakur, as now one of the self-proclaimed shooters has claimed that one of 2Pac's closest friends was behind the attack.

Dexter Isaac is currently doing life in prison for a litany of other crimes non-related to the iconic rapper, however, he also admits to being paid $2,500 from Jimmy Henchman for the assault inside Quad Records Studios. 

Recently Isaac agreed to a phone interview from prison with Gully TV, in which he reveals that Live Squad member and 2Pac's closest ally, Stretch, had set up the robbery with the intention of being paid off with drugs.

"Stretch set the whole thing up," Isaac says in the interview, "He was in cahoots and was giving us the play by play. He was in communication with Jimmy [Henchman] who had promised him a quarter brick of cocaine."

It should be noted that Stretch was unarmed during the incident, yet 2Pac would later feel betrayed that his imposing friend did nothing to prevent the robbery. Later collaborations with the Notorious B.I.G. fueled more resentment between the two artists, with 2Pac going on record to say "he didn't do what your dog is supposed to do when you're shot up." 

Stretch was then murdered in a drive-by shooting exactly a year later to the day, fueling rumors that his death was retaliation for his role in the shooting. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Isaac speaks on stepping to Walter 'King Tut' Johnson, who had also previously admitted to the robbery while serving a life sentence. 

While at Leavenworth Prison, Isaac approached Johnson for lying about those events. "We sat down and talked and he couldn't answer. What jewelry was taken m*****f*****, describe the jewelry, what was taken? How did it go down? And this m*****f***** couldn't say s***." 

In reference to rumors that Tut wore 2Pac's chains around Brooklyn after the robbery, Isaac says "that's a damn lie" and goes on to describe the actual jewelry in great detail. 

Source: boxden.com