Say what you want about Soulja Boy, but nobody could ever claim that he doesn't market himself well. In fact, most people would say the Atlanta rapper's best quality is his business acumen, having collaborated on a number of different ventures over the years that has taken his brand beyond music.

Now Soulja Boy Tell 'Em has pulled off the unexpected, attaching his name to his very own video game console that is already available for purchase. Officially named the SouljaGame, the hard drive will hold over 800 built-in games that appear to be emulated titles.

The console comes with all the necessary cables as well as adaptors for older televisions, in addition to a pair of controllers that resemble Sony Playstation's Dual Shock 4. Furthermore, the portable SouljaGame Handheld has also been released with over 3,000 built-in games, that similar to the Nintendo Switch will also be compatible with a television. 

Although the legalities of emulated consoles remain in question, the SouljaGame and SouljaGame Handheld are currently on sale for $149.99 and $99.99 respectively.