Gucci Mane recently sat down for an interview with Power 105's The Cruz Show, where he made the case for why he's the best rapper alive right now. 

He explained, "Who doper than me like for real? I wanna hear ya'll tell me, and why. I got a million reasons why I am, why would someone else be better? What they did? Who they help? What they been through? What's they track record? Do they do what they say? How many hurdles have they jumped? How much opposition do they have? Did they have a cakewalk? Did they do it by themselves? Was they blackballed? Did they have one of they own behind their back when they was doing it? Did they ever break? Did anybody ever take something from them. Did they ever snitch? I'm unblemished."

Gucci will display his talents on his thirteenth project, Evil Genius, which is dropping tomorrow.