Said to be one of the "next big things" out of Los Angeles, rapper Blueface recently went to Real 92.3 to spit a 'freestyle' read directly off his phone. In terms of delivery, the 21-year-old emcee has garnered a reputation of using an unconventional flow in his actual music, therefore fans of the artist won't be surprised by his unique approach to the instrumental.

As for the phone, Blueface is hardly the first artist that's guilty of reading off his lyrics, where even his new celebrity co-sign, Drake, once used the same strategy with Funk Flex. 

"I might be off-beat but don't get distracted from the message/no such as writing music just make sure I left an impression/these days n**** sound good on beats/but they ain't saying nothing/I'm the opposite close your eyes and just listen for a second."

Press play to listen above.