Mysonne recently uploaded a video responding to DJ Akademiks calling him a "failed rapper" while addressing people criticizing him over his alleged ties to Tekashi 6ix9ine's recent arrest. Some people have accused Akademiks of being a confidential informant in Tekashi's case, which was debunked and confirmed by TMZ

Mysonne told Akademiks that he didn't envy him because he can't even go out of his house, and added that he feels that Akademiks stands for nothing. Othe the other hand, Mysonne told Akademiks that he packs all of his venues and gets messages from people telling him that his music changed their lives. Mysonne added that while the venues aren't big arenas, he's able to provide a nice life for him and his family through music while also focusing on bettering his community and the people around him. 

To hear more of what Mysonne had to say, hit the above video.