Update 12/05/2018:

Summer Bunni, the woman at the center of the Offset cheating scandal recently came forward and posted a written apology for her actions, noting her displeasure in seeing how she inflicted emotional pain on another woman. She extended her written apology with an exclusive chat with TMZ where she continued to express her guilt in playing a role in the dissolution of Cardi's marriage. 

Check out the clip above. 


Original 12/05/2018:

Cuban Doll's former friend, who goes by @summerbunni on Instagram, apologized to Cardi B for being involved in a cheating scandal with Offset. The rumors quickly spread online after @mmmforeign, a friend of Asian Doll, who is beefing with Cuban Doll, dropped receipts of Offset allegedly setting up a threesome with Cuban Doll and Summer. She dropped a video that shows Summer Facetiming with Offset, which set things into overdrive online.

Cardi announced that she and Offset are no longer together following the news, and Summer released a statement apologizing to Cardi B for the situation. She wrote, "I haven't enjoyed this social media frenzy. not only is it draining but humbling. I will always be woman enough to admit when I'm wrong, and this situation I was." 

She continued, "Seeing another woman's pain does not bring me any joy, nor do I think it's funny." 

You can read her full statement above.