Rapper Paul Wall and his 12-year-old son were involved in a serious car crash after a driver hit their sprinter van head-on as they were pulling into his concert venue on Saturday (November 24). 

He shared a photo of the wreck on Instagram and detailed the situation. Paul explained, "Right as we pulled into the concert venue @nuttybrownamphitheatre I looked out the window and see a white truck coming right toward us. He had just came through the stop light there. He had 2 hands on the wheel, and he was buckling down as he was speeding up to hit us. Although there was an empty lane to his left, he sped up and came right in my direction (middle row passenger where he made impact). Both vehicles are completely totaled. We all had to climb out of the back of the sprinter because it had spunt around and bent in all the metal, broken glass. My son was sitting directly behind me with his seat belt on (back row passenger). The fact that we were all able to walk away in tact is a miracle. I just wanted to share it with u in case u needed a reminder that God answers prayers." 

Paul followed up with another post, telling followers, "I’m sore all over my body, and my head / neck hurts so much it’s difficult to talk and hold a conversation." He also added, "I’m so grateful to God that my fellow passengers were all safe and especially that my son’s life was spared. Anybody that has ever known me- knows how much my son means to me. I’m still in shock that we survived." 

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