Update 11/19/2018:

Previously, news surfaced of Tay-K associate PimpyZ taking a plea deal for his involvement in a 2016 home invasion that left a few dead. Now, footage of the rapper’s mom breaking down in court while he gets sentenced has surfaced. Take a look above.

Original 11/17/2018:

According to the Star-Telegram, another Tay-K associate named Pimpyz has taken a plea deal after being accused of taking part in a 2016 home invasion that left people dead.

Pimpyz, whose real name is Jalen Bell, pleaded guilty to two accounts of aggravated robbery which resulted in the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. Bell was reportedly offered a lesser sentence if he gave up information on Tay-K, which he ultimately refused. As a result, Bell received a 30-year-sentence.

Tay-K is still facing a capital murder charge for being an alleged gunman in the San Antonio shooting.

source: Star-Telegram