Adam22, the host of the popular interview-based podcast No Jumper, is in the news this week after a series of tweets dating back as far as a decade ago containing highly offensive language were unearthed. Adam22 tweeted out racist, sexist, and pedophilic comments that many consider intolerable. However, the No Jumper host came out and responded to the controversy, saying:

Here’s what happened, I made a bunch of offensive tweets 10 years ago when the internet was a very different place and nobody knew who I was. I’m not racist and I never hooked up with anyone who wasn’t of age. Sorry to anyone who got offended I still love you

Adam22 doubled-back with a response after the news of the tweets made waves, adding:

well i guess this is my 1st week being canceled what should i do with myself

Check out the tweets and Adam22's response above.