A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Don Q made an appearance in Philadelphia over the weekend that by most accounts didn't go over well. Footage that has leaked onto the internet and since gone viral shows the Bronx rap duo outnumbered in an altercation that forced them to flee.

A-Boogie and Don Q are currently enjoying the rising popularity of their Zaytoven-produced collaboration, "Role Model." The track has been spinning heavy amidst the buzz both artists continue to generate alongside a cadre of acts heating up from New York City. A-Boogie just dropped a four-track EP titled B4 #HOODIESZN, which features "Role Model" as a single that the Highbridge camp is hoping will build momentum towards his imminent full lengthed debut album.

Details on the conflict in Philly have so far been sparse and neither artist has spoken on it up until this point. But at different points in the video each of their faces can be seen as their team sweeps them up into a van that drives off from a livid crowd of aggressors. It was rumored that the promoter at the venue they were scheduled to stop through is accusing them of getting paid and then dipping without performing.

Such has been the case for numerous artists in the past, where they are hired to feature for an event but do not meet the promoter's expectations. Either party could be at fault depending on what the agreement stipulated. Artists are sometimes paid to do a song or two and sometimes, they are simply paid to do a walk through and hang out.