Tekashi 6ix9ine and 50 Cent have taken well to one another, with Fif going so far as to refer to the younger rapper as his son, of late. But as two alpha males who are often compared for their penchant to troll, neither has ever thought twice about poking at one another whenever the situation calls for it.

Such was the case over the weekend, when 6ix9ine felt like the G-Unit boss was just calling for the kind of attention that only he has been known to give veterans in the game. So, in much the same fashion as he did Ludacris after the Atlanta rap vet played him during an August episode of Wild 'N Out, 6ix9ine went in the closet to fetch the oversized baseball cap and the baggy clothes with intentions to clown Fif after the old man took a shot at him on Instagram.

The back and forth started when Fitty poked fun at the shiny suit that designer Philipp Plein dressed 6ix9ine in during his stay in Milan, Italy earlier this week. "I am so devastated. I am devastated. My son has on a sparkling jacket. He has a sparkling jacket like Puffy, and he says he no longer wants to be the king of New York [...] Does this mean my son is gay?" Fif says, in a recording that DJ Akademiks uploaded to his Instagram page on Saturday, September 22.

Those who are familiar with how Fif has been known to question Diddy's sexuality realize that the slight against the Day69 rapper was also a clap at the Bad Boy boss. Judging by how 6ix9ine came back at him, however, it was apparent that he wasn't interested in psychoanalyzing his predecessor's sense of humor. Instead, the Tr3yway representer resorted to clowning his O.G. by parodying the visuals from "In Da Club" and leaving him with a shady caption to digest.

"I’m going back to 50cent’s career anybody want something?" wrote 6ix9ine. "#getthestrap [...] Go tell pops he better chill."