Following their recent night on stage in West Hollywood together, Will Smith and Dave Chappelle entertained the idea of running on a ticket that might put them in office together as President and VP some day.

One lucky reporter got a chance to catch up to the legendary entertainers just before they headed off from performing alongside one another for an impromptu comedy special that Dave hosted at the Peppermint Club. After inquiring into what the fellas think about Kanye West's prospects of getting elected should he really go through with a 2020 run, Will was asked whether there may be a possibility of him gearing up for the campaign trail one day.

"You would vote for me if I ran? Alright, then I'm going to consider it," he'd respond before Dave followed up with: "Well, I will be the Vice President, that way nothing bad will happen to Will."

Earlier in the evening, Will surprised some when he took the mic over to try his hand at stand-up for the first time in his life. The veteran actor informed a crowd consisting of Jon Stewart, Katt Williams, Michael Che, John Mayer, LeBron James and others that it was something he had long dreamed of scratching off of his bucket list.

The response that Will gave in regards to word of Kanye taking the leap had been "hopefully we'll get the right celebrity in office." Only time will tell whether or not he was completely playing with the reply he gave when the question was turned on him. It's not out of the realm of possibility that his bucket list is just as long as the current Celebrity-In-Chief's was.