50 Cent didn't miss the opportunity to take yet another dig at Ja Rule after learning of the latest show to fall through for the former Murder Inc. rapper. In turn, Rule was just as quick to fire back with fighting words that made it clear neither man is close to extending an olive branch in the interest of putting their 19-years of drama to rest.

As he's regularly done throughout the span of their feud, Fitty did his best to cause his rival humiliation - when he re-posted an apology that Rule issued to fans in Syracuse who wouldn't get to see him due to cancelation. Rule had been scheduled to put on a Friday night [September 21] performance at Lava Nightclub as part of the venue's Classic Series. To his misfortune, a flight delay ruined his plans to make it upstate, he claimed. But, Fif wasn't buying the excuse.

Within hours of Rule uploading it, the attention that the original recording was receiving would take a back seat to the one 50 Cent shared with a superimposed caption that read, "Only 10 tickets sold. Don't nobody want to see that s**t you talking about. Wait we get a lot a people on the walk up. Get the f**k outta here. Get the strap." Fif would later add fuel to the fire by putting up his own film parodying the situation as he boarded a plane for his show in Dublin.

"Suck my d**k with your mother's lips n***a..." Rule eventually replied in the comments section of the first video 50 served up to poke at him. He also shared a photograph on his IG of him and Nas with text quoting their fellow Queens legend telling Jay-Z “That n***a been on my dick he love my style” in the opening moments of "Ether."