Fans of Steven Jo are enjoying the most popular video he's uploaded to his social media platforms in a long time and all it took is him getting knocked out to be able to share it with them.

In the recording that resulted from the prank gone wrong, Steven explains that he had just been having fun on his Super Saiyan vibe when he got all up in the space of a patron who wasn't playing those games. The clip shows Steven approach the man just as he was entering the supermarket. A small crowd of observers appeared to already have been surrounding him prior to the moment they crossed paths, but judging by the man's reaction to the veteran YouTube comedian's shenanigans, he seemed to be clueless about the fact that he was standing across from a notorious troll.

Within moments of Steven getting into pretend fighting position, he was met by a left hook to the jaw. As soon as the man's fist connected with his face, Steven dropped - prompting a hasp from onlookers. As the striker continued on to hit the shopping aisles, Steven took the time necessary to gather his bearings.

Those familiar with Steven Jo's work know that it's definitely not the first time he's provoked a stranger to get aggressive with him. In fact, a recent recording on his YouTube channel shows him being choked out by an older man who he was trolling. But, as difficult as it may be to imagine, it was the only time he can recall ever having his jaw tested that way.

"I don't have a fetish for getting f**king knocked out. You know, it's so interesting how I've been doing this for so long, Like, since 2010, you know, just pranking and playing with people, you know what I'm saying. Not trying to harm anybody But nobody ever really knocked me in my s**t," he told viewers in a video that he'd later post to show off the swelling on his jaw.