Barack Obama took a moment on Friday [September 21] to put his foot down and reclaim recognition for revving up an economy that has been ripe with successes he notices the current administration trying to take credit for.

During a campaign stump speech that he delivered outside of the Strawberry Mansion’s Dell Music Center in Philly, the former Commander-In-Chief seemed to make a veiled reference to President Trump while touching on how there are some who began to embellish the economy's growth once a new regime came into office. All-the-while, the persons in question conveniently act as though such good fortunes hadn't already begun to take shape in the years leading up to power changing hands, he said.

"When you hear, right now, folks take credit for this economic miracle... It's like: 'Hold up. Hold up. Hold up," Obama said to a roar of cheers from the Fairmount Park lawn. "They act like it just started. Please."

Obama had just made a note of some of the specific victories his administration achieved before getting around to people's perception of the state of the union. Among the successes that he counted as his own were the longest streak of job creation on record, the expansion of health insurance to twenty million citizens, reduction of the nation's deficit, an increase in wages, and a decrease in the uninsured rate.

The 30-some-odd minute address was just one of several that he has committed to doing in an effort to mobilize voters to go out and lift the so-called "Blue Wave" of support that Democrats are hoping for in order to defeat the Republicans in November's midterm elections.