Update: Former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens addressed the viral photos of him working at a New Jersey Trader Joe's during an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday (September 4). Owens revealed that he has quit his job at Trader Joe's over the unwanted attention, but the company said he's welcome back anytime.

You can check out his full statement on the situation above.

According to a photo from a shopper who was present at the Trader Joe’s in New Jersey, actor Geoffrey Owens—known for his role as Elvin on ‘The Cosby Show’ was spotted working as a cashier in the popular grocery store.

The person who spotted Owens said they were in a Trader Joe’s in Clifton, New Jersey around 7:30PM this past Saturday (September 1) when they saw him. The woman who spotted him said “I pulled up a site on the internet to look at a picture of him and said, ‘That is him.’ I have never seen him at Trader Joe's before. I was getting a bunch of groceries and he wasn't really looking at anybody, but he said, ‘Have a nice day.’

Source: Daily Mail