Being a vigilante can pay off if you're a bystander of a crime in NYC. According to reports, a police union is looking to pay civilians $500 if they're able to wrestle resisting suspects to the ground. The Sergeants Benevolent Association is hoping the $500 will implore people recording videos of officers arresting a suspect to get in on the action. SBA president Ed Mullins told the NY Post, “When you see an officer struggling, rather than take your cell phone out, assist the officer and you’ll receive an award of $500.” He continued, “Far too often, we see police officers engaged in violent struggles with perpetrators while members of the public stand by and take videos of the incident. This has got to stop, and hopefully this program will incentivize good Samaritans to do the right thing.”

State Senator Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) who is a retired police officer is proposing a new good Samaritan law which would address existing liability issues. “The current good Samaritan law does not protect citizens who assist first responders. It is my intent to introduce legislation in the Senate that corrects this shortcoming,” said Golden's office.

The SBA is looking to pay out rewards but is also hoping pro-cop groups and private citizens would pitch in. However, the SBA hasn't explained fully what constitutes adequate help to warrant the $500 reward.