R. Kelly recently dropped the track “I Admit,” a 19-minute song that addresses all the allegations and moments the singer has been in headlines for in the past couple of years. Many have given their take on the track, and now Talib Kweli has delivered his, calling the song “atrocious.”

Via Twitter, Kweli said “I just read the lyrics to R. Kelly’s new 19 minute song called ‘I Admit It I Did It.’ His lack of self awareness is atrocious. There are several lyrics I take offense to. The one I will address is ‘I’m just a man.’ I am also a man. I would never use that to defend this behavior.”

Kweli was challenged by a follower on his Twitter who said he was calling out Kelly to make himself look better. Kweli responded by saying “So if you find a tape of me peeing on a teenager and multiple women accuse me of child rape, and in my defense I say, not ‘I’m sorry for peeing on teenagers and molesting women’ but ‘hey y’all I am just a man not a monster’ that should be good enough?

Take a look above.