Update: Tekashi reportedly told the police a different story from the one that was revealed via TMZ. According to police who spoke to the outlet, the rapper told them he was in a Chevy Tahoe and was hit from behind by another car. From there, two gunmen jumped out, took his iPhone, and took the rapper away. From there, they went to the rapper’s house, made him call his baby mama so that she could bring down his jewelry and money.

The rapper then noted he was able to escape and report the incident to the authorities.


According to a report, Tekashi 6ix9ine was pistol-whipped, kidnapped, robbed, and placed in the hospital sometime after the incident.

Sources who spoke to TMZ said the rapper was working on a music video early Sunday morning in Brooklyn and wrapped then made his way home. After pulling up to his crib, he was met by another car where three gunmen got out, approached the rapper and pistol-whipped him, knocking him out.

From there, the rapper allegedly was being driven around while being told the robbers’ demands, which led them back to Tekashi’s home where they reportedly took $750,000 in jewels and almost $20,000 in cash.

The gunman allegedly drove off with the rapper still in the car after they robbed him, but Tekashi was able to escape out the back door of the vehicle. Tekashi allegedly jumped in the car of a stranger and asked them for help, which led the stranger to call 911. From there, an ambulance pulled up and took the rapper to a hospital.

Source: TMZ