Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather seemed to be fed up with 50 Cent’s internet antics, which led him to fire off a long IG post going in on the rapper and TV producer. Since then, 50 has clapped back with some posts of his own aimed at the boxer.

One post found 50 posting a photo of Mayweather with tears in his eyes, along with the caption “I must have hurt your feelings champ,😆you had someone write a book I’m gonna take my time with this so I get it all out we are gonna start with your 11 Domestic violence cases. Wait a minute I’ll do them in order remember you asked for this. 😒get the strap.

In another post, 50 posted what he said was a first draft of the IG message Mayweather wrote, basically playing on the rumor that the boxer can’t read or write.

50 even took time to respond to his baby mother Shaniqua Tompkins, who chimed in with her own thoughts.

Take a look above.