NBA Youngboy's son, Taylin aka "Tay Tay," is recovering after being ejected from a vehicle during a car accident.

The young boy's grandmother gave an update on the situation via her Instagram, which read, "they was in a very bad car wreck my baby lost control and hit a tree and the car flipped and TayTay and my baby girl Mya was ejected out of the car."

NBA Youngboy's baby mama, Nia, took to her Instagram as well to give an update, revealing that it was her sister Mya who was ejected from the car along with her son, and she denied rumors that Taylin is on life support. She wrote, "(yes) he was in his car seat tf we was on the interstate, (yes) him & mya was ejected from the car. how ? idk 🤧 nobody understand . (yes) he has a few cut & [bruises] on his right eye but he is okay (breathing on his own, brain still works, etc) so whoever started that saying he on life support he GOOD. we just having a minor setback for a major comeback."

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