As the criticism mounts against the Trump administration and their immigration policies, namely the rule that undocumented families will be broken up is now getting the ugly face that such a policy warrants. Pictures from a processing center in McAllen, TX is stirring up controversy as children are seen caged inside a separate holding cell from their parents drawing striking similarities to a United States prison.

More than 1,100 immigrants were being housed at the McAllen facility when ABCNews cameras were granted permission Sunday, June 17. The immigrants locked behind chain-linked fences slept on mattresses strewn on the floor awaiting processing that would eventually lead to the separation of countless families.

Federal officials stated that immigrants at the processing facility would only be there three days for the processing but the immigrants themselves are saying it's been more like seven days or more. There are lawmakers actively working toward reversing the Trump administration's practice of separating families. One Democratic Senator, Sheila Jackson Lee stated:

"When you have a mother tell you directly that she's in fear that she will never see her child again, and when the United Nations Human Rights Commission indicate to the Trump administration that you are violating human rights, then you know that what we are saying today is President Trump, cease and desist."

Source: ABC Action News