Face tattoos have become the most popular trend amongst the new generation of rappers. The obsession with getting their faces inked up seemingly came from nowhere, but we suspect that Lil Wayne's reign at the top of the hip-hop game in the mid-2000's influenced kids to flock to their local tattoo shop to look like Weezy. No matter where the face tattoo influence came from, one thing is for sure, it isn't going away any time soon.

Post Malone recently got a new face tattoo that reads "Always Tired." He placed the words under each one of his eyes. Taking to Instagram, comedian Michael Rapaport took shots at Malone for his new ink. "Post Malone got a tattoo on his face that says 'Always Tired.' Right on his f***ing face," begins Rapaport. "Why don't you get another one underneath it that says 'Go To Sleep.' Or get a tattoo on your chin that says 'Dumb F**k.' Always tired? Take a f***ing nap!"

"I just don't understand, you're getting your feelings and impromptu thoughts tattooed on your f***ing face," he continued. "That's like me getting a tattoo across my forehead that says 'I gotta take a s**t."