From the jump, 21 Savage has consistently been one of the more outspoken rappers in the culture, and particularly about the state of Atlanta hip-hop. Never one to bite his tongue, he dishes some venom at many of the rappers from the ATL, calling them “Bitch Ass Niggas”

The “Bank Account” rapper took to Instragram in a recent story harshly criticizing the dominant Atlanta Hip-Hop scene for their attitudes and postures.

“Ya’ll niggas need to go get baptized in the mothafuckin’ 6, man,” he says. “I’mma take ya’ll niggas to Zone 6 and dip ya’ll in some of this Zone 6 water. Hopefully ya’ll niggas come out refreshed and born again. Ya’ll niggas don’t act like that. I don’t know where ya’ll niggas get that shit from, boy. I be in my own little lane, I don’t bother nobody, I be gahdamn chillin’.

He then added, “To keep it all the way 1000, all these Atlanta rappers some bitch ass niggas. I ain’t even gon’ lie, I’mma keep it 1000. Niggas some hoes. All of ‘em!”

This wouldn’t have been the first time 21 Savage has criticized many of the rap artists from Atlanta. Back in 2017, he took shots at Atlanta rappers in a comment which he since apologized for saying, “Now I know we produce some soft ass n***as, but bare with us, we’re going to get through this storm guys,” he says.

“I just want you guys to know that there’s some real n***as left,” he continues. “Real n***as are coming back in style so hold tight we are going to take this thing back man.”

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