LaVar Ball has always been a boisterous voice behind his sons Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and LaMelo Ball. For a while, he was quiet as his two younger sons played basketball overseas in Lithuania but now he's back as the time is coming for his JBA league which LaMelo is part of, LiAngelo tries to make it in the NBA, and Lonzo is gearing up for his second season with the Los Angeles Lakers. LaVar is certain that superstar LeBron James will join Lonzo in wearing the purple and gold.

"I don't feel like it, I know he is," said LaVar during an interview with Big Boy. "I told you to call it L.A.Bron."

"Everybody knows he's coming man, it only makes sense. I mean if you living in Cleveland, you want a chance to live in L.A... after your career? You better stay over here," LaVar continued.

He previously spewed this rhetoric during an interview with FS1's Undisputed.

“I don’t think it’ll happen. I know it’s gonna happen. I told you to call him LA’Bron. I told you to call him LA’Bron. For him to be considered better than Jordan, his narrative has to be everywhere he’s went, he’s won … To justify that he’s the best player in the world ever, he’s got to win a couple more championships somewhere else.”

LaVar also told both media outlets that his son Lonzo would make LeBron better and improve his game.

"That's Zo's game; you got guys that score the ball and you got guys who rebound, his game has always been to make people better. So whoever's on the team, he's going to make them better." LaVar said. "Like I said, Kyle Kuzma had his best career ever, Brandon Ingram had his best career ever, Julius Randle had his best career ever. Guys at UCLA you don't even hear about them no more that Lonzo played with cuz now they with these other teams without Lonzo, TJ Leaf... Imma say names!"

LeBron's pending free agency is obviously the major talk of the offseason. With the Cleveland Cavaliers losing yet again to the Golden State Warriors and getting swept this time, many feel James will depart Cleveland again as they failed to put viable players around him yet again. Teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Rockets, along with the Lakers are all reportedly vying for the "King" to join their squad.