After spending 20 years of a life sentence in prison, Alice Marie Johnson is finally free and she couldn't wait to meet the person that helped her get out:Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian sat down with President Trump last month to discuss Johnson's sentencing and reducing it. Johnson was sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking and but President Trump worked with Kardashian to make sure she was freed.

Now that Johnson is free, it was only right that she and Kardashian met face to face. Kardashian visited Johnson at her home and they both sat down with Hoda Kotb to talk about the situation and Johnson's freedom.

During the interview, Kardashian explained that she learned about Johnson's story last October and she didn't want to give up on her, "It became this mission that I just didn't want to give up." Kardashian went on to make some calls including to Ivanka Trump, "I called Ivanka and we had a really great conversation about women and wanting to help each other and I knew that she would've understood Alice and she immediately was so receptive and so great," Kardashian said.

Though Kardashian met with President Trump last month, she had been working on trying to get Johnson out for a few months, "We had been in talks and working on this for seven months and it wasn't an instant thing," she said.

After much work, Kardashian was finally able to get Johnson's sentence shortened and when Johnson found out, she couldn't contain her excitement. "When she said that [I could go home], I went into full-fledged pentecostal holy dance," Johnson said.