In Chicago over 50 people, including several men from the city and Wisconsin and a suspected Mexican drug trafficker have been arrested and charged this week after state law enforcement and the FBI launched a immense federal and state investigation into a large number of heroin and fentanyl sales on the city’s West Side. Federal agents made the announcement of the bust on Wednesday (June 13)

ABC 7 Chicago reports that the investigation dubbed "Operation Full Circle" arrested Krzysztof Rak, 60, who allegedly operated a drug trafficking cartel in Mexico. Rak reportedly worked a man from Racine, Wis. named Christopher J. Doss, 47, to distribute “wholesale quantities of fentanyl” to drug users across the city of Chicago.

The charges revealed that Donald Holmes, Sr., 56, of Chicago, and Ivan Walton, 45, of Lynwood were involved in the drug organization by selling dope and collecting money across the Chicagoland area. A wiretapped conversation which was added to a statement uncovered a meeting earlier in the year between Doss and Walton in a parking lot in south suburban Matteson. It was there that, Walton was given with more than 880 grams of fentanyl by Doss.

Federal authorities captured another transaction involving member Nakia McClinic, 43, of Chicago who attempted to deliver heroin and fentanyl to a person who had received an order from Deshawn Moore, 24, of Bellwood, Ill. in a parking lot near the University of Illinois at Chicago. As police found Moore them, he attempted to escape and throw away the drugs but was stopped and arrested.

ABC 7 also reports that the federal complaint also involved a man named Tekoa Q. Tinch, 30, of Bloomington, Ill., who allegedly agreed to kidnap an someone who owed them money in exchange for drugs and a split of any money recovered from the victim. In May, Tinch met up with an undercover law enforcement officer, who was posing as a representative of the Mexican cartel, in a grocery store parking lot in the Little Village neighborhood. After accepting a phony kilogram of cocaine as a down payment for the crime, he was immediately arrested and his car was searched. The complaint revealed that police found the guns, duct tape and chains that was going to be used in the kidnapping.

Because of the huge bust, 2 kilograms of heroin, a kilogram of fentanyl, and 300 pounds of marijuana were taken off the streets. Law enforcement also seized 17 illegal firearms, including three rifles, and around $8,000 in narcotics earnings.

A U.S. District Court in Chicago has since charged seven defendants with a variety of drug offenses, while two defendants were hit with firearm charges. Forty-eight others were charged in state complaints and are now appearing in Cook County Criminal Court.