Rapper Lil Scrappy is blaming exhaustion on a car crash that placed him and friend, Ca$ino Roulette, in the hospital. Scrappy drove his car off the road and into a light pole at the beginning of the month and was found on the side of the road along with Ca$ino. After spending several days in the hospital, Scrappy was released and admitted to TMZ that his lack of sleep caused him to crash.

In the video, Scrappy states, "I definitely still don't understand what happened. I remember leaving the club. I didn't get drunk, I didn't get high like I normally do." Police have since closed the investigation into the crash once it was discerned that Scrappy was stone sober. He continued to say that he drove from South Carolina to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Miami on the day of the accident. The drive from ATL to MIA is nine hours alone, so Scrappy may have been on the road for 12+ hours when he crashed.

Although Scrappy claims he can't remember the crash, he does recall struggling for help after the accident. He broke his foot in seven places and was found unconscious before being rushed to the hospital. His friend Ca$ino's injuries were far worse. Both men seem to be alright and are currently recovering.

Source: youtu.be