After vehemently standing behind her husband Bill Cosby until the end in the wake of his damning sexual assault accusations, Camille Cosby is now expected to end their decades long marriage after the disgraced funnyman was convicted on three counts of sexual assault.

Radar Online broke the news as a source informed them Camille Cosby, 70, as faced the harsh reality of her husband’s heinous crimes and had decided to divorce Bill Cosby as their relationship has been unstable after the verdict. Camille reportedly left their Pennsylvania mansion to go live in their Massachusetts hideaway, leaving Bill, 80, serving his house arrest by himself.

“He literally is home alone,” an unnamed source tells Radar Online, adding that the now estranged couple are currently separate lives. “She even took the staff with her! They’ve been fighting and arguing since the verdict. She wanted a divorce, but he begged her to stay!” The source claims that Camille has even gone as far as taking the chef, their crew of drivers, their house manager, and their remaining three daughters, Erika, Evin, and Erinn.

Camille’s change of heart is shocking considering that she previously wrote an 800-word statement comparing Bill Cosby’s sentencing to the horrific lynching of Emmett Till. Since then she as now decided, according to a source via Radar Online she wants to live her own life without him.

“Camille wants to leave his scandal behind her. She has no interest in seeing Bill,” said a source. “She wants to reside quietly in Shelburne (Massachusetts) — and doesn’t want his reputation affecting the life she’s building for herself!” Bill Cosby will be sentenced on Sept. 24 where he will be serving a sentence of 30 years in prison.