'Ol Dirty Bastard is one of the most legendary rappers in the game. The Wu-Tang Clan member passed away in 2004 from an accidental drug overdose, putting an end to his promising career. A deadly mix of cocaine and the opioid Tramadol were found in ODB's system.

Since his passing, fans of the Wu-Tang Clan have elevated ODB to a mystical status. His name and mannerisms are considered hip-hop royalty, but now it appears the Lil Wayne and Young Money seek to use a variation of his name.

According to The Blast, Young Money Entertainment recently applied to trademark “New Dirty Bastard” for use in record production, music production and many other entertainment related services.

The Blast also reached out to ODB's daughter Taniqua Jones and the attorney for his estate, who were unaware that Lil Wayne and his crew were pursuing the trademark. According to the attorney, ODB's estate is interested in protecting their own interests, and understand that there can be confusion in the marketplace with the use of the name "New Dirty Bastard."

Still, the estate is looking to cooperate with Young Money in any way they can, and are interested in talking on an “artistic level before any other conversations take place."

Source: theblast.com