It appears Lil Yachty wants to have a role on Donald Glover’s “Atlanta.”

TMZ caught up with Yachty on Tuesday, and the Atlanta rapper explained that he wants to spread his acting chops on Glover’s hit show. When told that "Atlanta" was renewed for a 3rd season, Yachty revealed that he missed an opportunity to have a guest star role in the first season and he has asked Glover for spot ever since.

“I’ve seen Donald Glover like twice,” Yachty said. “And every time I see him, I say ‘Bruh, please put me on the show.’ I know I annoy him. I spoke to him and I understand where he’s coming from. He knows what he’s doing.”

The show has had many big names make small guest roles, including the Migos, Katt Williams, and Michael Vick. While the roles for guest stars have been unconventional at times, when asked who he would like to play, Yachty noted that he has no problem playing a character that’s offbeat.

“Something irregular. Like a goon or someone hood,” he said. “A drug dealer. Like a crack addict. Anything. Something funny. Not nothing normal. I don’t want to play a rapper.”

However, Yachty may have to find in his busy schedule to make it happen, as he is set to be the voice of Green Lantern for the upcoming “Teen Titans GO!" movie.