Los Angeles Lakers Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma recently wrapped up their rookie season in the NBA. The Lakers struggled in the 2017-2018 season and ended with one of the worse records in the Western Conference. Still, Kuzma and Ball didn't let the roller coaster of a season affect them, and they spent most of the year teasing each other on social media.

Ball and Kuzma's social media trolling of each other became a regular occurrence. The two players are close friends who were raised during the internet era. That being said, online roasting is like second nature for them. They have made fun of each other for everything including fashion, athletic skill, and appetite. Now, the Lakers organization thinks the friendly banter needs to be taken down a level.

Recently, Kuzma released a "Player Hater of the Year" Award video dedicated to taking shots at Ball, who responded with a diss song. Ball, using rap as his outlet, dissed Kuzma and even took shots at the fact that his young teammate grew up without a father. The Lakers, cautious of player banter ever since the D'Angelo Russell-Nick Young video in 2016 leaked, spoke with both players about their ongoing antics. ESPN reports that both players were asked to take their internet trolling down a level.

Source: espn.com