Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West had a moment of beef two years ago when the former decided to marry the latter's ex-girlfriend. Amber Rose went from dating West to marrying and having a child with Khalifa, in a very short period of time. Although Wiz and Rose have since split up, the lingering tension between West and Khalifa has never been properly addressed, until now.

Wiz is currently on a promo run for his upcoming album Rolling Papers 2. While promoting his album on Atlanta's V-103, Wiz was asked about his relationship with Kanye, and how he felt about 'Ye giving him a shout out on his latest album. "How did you feel when you heard it?" asks Big Tigger. "It was cool. [He] was talking about smoking pot so it made sense." In the song "Yikes" Kanye raps, "Just a different type of leader/We could be in North Korea, I could smoke with Wiz Khalifa."

"We don't talk," answers Wiz when Tigger asks him if the two have a friendship. "There was no Twitter beef, it was just him going crazy," asserts the rapper. Although they may not be on talking terms Wiz does admit that he does like West's production.