The perpetual beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule rages on. The two rappers have been arch enemies since the early 2000's, and anyone old enough to remember their rap beef will tell you it was an epic battle. Ja was in control of the hip-hop charts after dropping several crossover singles. When 50 entered the game, he destroyed Ja's street credibility and recruited his fellow Shady/Aftermath crew to join in the action. Ja was dissed by 50, Eminem, Lloyd Banks, The Game, and even Busta Rhymes joined in at one point.

Although it's been years since the beef has died down, Ja has been using social media to fan the flames of hatred once again. During the Pusha T/Drake beef that has been dominating hip-hop news in recent weeks, Ja took time out to remind his fans that his own beef with 50 is far from over. After taking several shots at 50 online, the G-Unit creator struck back by asserting that Ja Rule was the snitch that kept reporting his accounts. As if ready for that comment, Ja hit back with a post of his own on Wednesday.

Ja shared a photo of 50 Cent's order of protection that was filed during the height of their beef in the early 2000's. Irv Gotti has spoken about this form several times in the last decade, claiming that 50 went to the police for help while the beef was at its most dangerous.