After a rough NBA championship loss, LeBron James is facing more drama as his mother's ex-fiance, Da Real Lambo, is threatening to expose the superstar basketball player.

Lambo took to Instagram and threatened to leak information about an alleged secret baby LeBron has with Miami reporter Sharon Reed, along with an alleged affair involving Beyonce. He wrote, "#godspeed MY BOOK WILL BE GIVING THE WORLD THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY @beyonce WASN’T INVITED TO @kingjames WEDDING, AND ALSO WHY #savannajames Wasn’t invited to @beyonce wedding, THE MISTRESS WILL BE EXPOSED IN MY BOOK, MAYBE ITS A CUZING OF #jayz or @beyonce, U HAVE TO READ MY BOOK TO KNOW."

LeBron has yet to respond to the allegations, but you can check out his posts above.