With NBA free agency quickly approaching (July 1st), it's only right that certain players start thinking about what they want to do next season. That list of players includes the 2018 NBA Finals MVP, Kevin Durant.

Though the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers at this year's NBA Finals, that doesn't mean Durant shouldn't be negotiating his contract. If anything, this is perfect timing for him to ask for whatever he wants. Well, almost whatever he wants.

According to Complex, on Monday, the Warriors general manager, Bob Myers told the press that they would do whatever it takes to keep Durant on the team. He stated that Durant controlled the negotiation and he could have, "Whatever he wants." Fast forward to the Warriors championship parade in Oakland on Tuesday, Myers made the following joke in front of the crowd about Durant and his contract negotiations. "That was just for the media," Myers said of his statement. "He can't have anything—mid-level."

Myers went on to add about Stephen Curry: "Well, yeah, that was different. He's been here for the run, for the way-before days."

Though all jokes, Myers might want to consider laying off until the negotiations are over. Durant did state to The Athletic's Anthony Slater, "Why was that even a discussion? Why we even talking about that? For sure, we going to do this thing again," when asked if he would leave Golden State.

Things can change though. Stay tuned.

Source: complex.com