Michael Rapaport says for him the debate of whose the G.O.A.T between Lebron James and Michael Jordan is “over” after the Cleveland Cavaliers were swept by Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

TMZ caught up with the actor on Monday and asked him for his thoughts on Lebron revealing that he played with a broken hand after punching a whiteboard following Game 1. “I believe he hurt his hand. I just think it would have been a better look to finish the press conference without the cast,” said Rapaport.

“As much as I like to break LeBron’s chops. He’s an incredible player. One of the greatest of all time,” Rapaport noted. “The thing we get can get caught up is that ‘he’s the goat he the best player, its team game. “

When questioned with the growing debate that Michael Jordan wouldn’t be swept in the Finals because he had better teams, Rapaport explained that the Hall of Famer “brought out the best in people.”However, Rapaport believes that being swept by the Warriors should put a halt to the conservation between MJ and King James.

"It’s over. “You’re not better than Jordan,” Rapaport said. “Jordan won 6 rings. He’s [Lebron] a great player, done a lot for the game … but it’s over.