Meek Mill's epic 2018 Summer Jam entrance arguably upstaged every act that came on before him and each artist to follow his performance before a fired up Metlife Stadium crowd on Sunday night, June 10.

The 25-minute-long set kicked off in triumphant fashion, with the eyes of thousands glued to the big screen as they watched the Philly rap favorite speed through New Jersey streets en route from his spot of arrival at a local helicopter tarmac.

Then, just as the massive East Rutherford venue came into view, the Dreamchasers logo began to fade in - and within moments, Meek's ATV was driving onto the stage. Meek would open up his set with a fresh rendition of his classic "Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)" and then riddle through a handful of other joints to which a huge legion of those on hand sang along.

Before he exited to a hero's applause he would acknowledge the significance of the moment --in hindsight of all of the drama he's been through since getting locked up last year and then finally being released thanks to the support of a prison reform movement that he's come to symbolize.

“Last time I was in New York with a m**herf***king bike, I lost my freedom,” he said. “This time we not going back to jail.”