Count Lil Duval among the Jay and Bey fans who would have preferred it if music's reigning power couple turned down whoever's idea it was to put them in a nude photoshoot together.

It didn't take long after the launching of their On the Run II European leg, this week, for a spread from the tour book that fans received - to go viral from overseas. Suddenly, images of Beyonce cuddled up in bed with her 48-year-old Brooklyn beau are all over the place - as is a photograph or two that shows the 36-year-old crooner's round brown derriere in its birthday suit.

While Duval didn't have anything specific to say about Bey being in a thong or going bare on a beach, he expressed full resentment over the fact that he will never be able to unsee big HOV's dad bod being put out there on display. To his determination, the rap star's inclusion in such a revealing theme ruins the entire thing, and he made sure to be the one to come out and put him on blast for even entertaining the idea.

"Let me address the elephant in the room: They look stupid as F**K!!!!" Duval wrote in the caption of a repost of one of the pics. "Jay, how you let the photographer talk you into this? #dontshootthemessenger."