The Memphis Police Department is searching for a group of approximately 20 patrons of a local Mexican restaurant who pulled a dine-and-dash when receiving a $420 bill. The crew was caught on camera fleeing but not before one of them reportedly fired up some of that good green.

Surveillance video at Frida’s Mexican Restaurante shows the large entourage entering the premises around 10:30 pm where, according to Jesse Gonzalez, the restaurant’s manager, the group was among the last tables to arrive for the evening.

"They came in at the last minute. We didn’t think anything of it," Gonzalez tells CBS affiliate WREG 3 in Memphis, Tenn.

He tells WREG 3 that the group had ordered some of the most expensive entrees and drinks that were offered on the menu which reportedly includes including $11 margaritas. Eventually, they all ran up a grand total of $420.

"The grand burritos, Frida’s special steak, steak and shrimp,” he said.

And the group of 16 men and women seem to have made themselves quite at home as Gonzales also said he soon smelled something that did not smell anything like the steak and shrimp that was ordered.

"It was just one guy smoking weed. We asked him to stop. I guess he was the leader or the group and he made a scene,” Gonzalez said.

By his account, when Gonzales requested them to put the blunt out, they got upset and started a huge argument where they also berated the server. "They started getting louder and louder, getting upset, yelling offenses to the server, saying come on, come on," he said.

And as if the situation could look any more suspicious, each of them walked out one by one with one woman on the film holding a blue margarita in her hand, and another shoving one of the workers. Gonzales stated that a walk-out of this magnitude and size would have been the first his establishment has ever seen.

"Our walk-outs are they forgot to pay or they’ll come back next day. Major walkouts like that, that’s our first and biggest one," he said. He added that he figures the whole incident was a planned stunt so they could skip out on the expensive bill.

"You don’t think they're gonna do that, especially on a Sunday night. One guy got them all riled up at the same time," he said. The manager tells WREG that he is thankful none of his patrons or workers were hurt and is not worried about the money.