Former Police Sergeant Wayne Jenkins pleaded guilty in January to two counts of racketeering, two counts of robbery and five counts related to planting drug evidence. He also admitted to robbing detainees seven times between 2011 and 2016, taking $252,000 in cash. This week, U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake sentenced Jenkins to 25 years.

"He's admitted to putting poison in our community when he should have been protecting the community...deterrence is important," Blake said at the sentencing.

Jenkins joined the department in 2003 and was promoted to sergeant in 2013. In a plea agreement, Jenkins admitted he worked with other officers to steal money, property and drugs by detaining victims, entering homes, conducting traffic stops and false search warrant affidavits.

He also reportedly submitted false incident and arrest reports, reports of property taken in arrests, and charging documents. One false report in 2010, with planted evidence, led to the conviction and imprisonment of two Baltimore men.

Additionally, he admitted to stealing four to five boxes containing approximately 12 pounds of high-grade marijuana intercepted by law enforcement from the mail, and prescriptions he stole from someone who looted a pharmacy in April 2015 riots. He admitted giving stolen drugs, including cocaine and heroin, to bail bondsman Donald Stepp, who sold the drugs and shared $200,000 to $250,000 in proceeds with Jenkins.